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Takeaway goes online

A customer, while she waiting her meal, typed our Chinese takeaway telephone number into her mobile phone, when she finished, she said, "it's a better idea, isn't it? Add the number to my contact. I always take a menu, then lose it. "

I totally agree with her, because the golden rule of customer service is -- customer is always right. What's in my mind was, she couldn't type more than 200 different meals and its prices into her mobile phone. Of course if she is a kind of customer who never change her meal, always a chicken curry and fried rice, it doesn't matter. Some customer never changes, never ask something different, even if they try to, but after looking at the confusing menu, those strange name of sources and cooking style, then give up, once again on the safe side buy a chicken curry.

So, where can customers who keep losing the takeaway menu find when they need it?

The answer is to go online.

Some lazy shop owner don't send out menu, or hire some boys to do it, but the boys either put three or four into one letter box or just throw dozens into the bin, or the customer receives it and bin it straight away. I never order takeaway, all kinds of menus come through our letter box and go straight into the bin. If to send out menu could generate 2 percent of lead and 1 percent of return customer, it should be the best result, I think. This is not the economic way to do business, and not good to our environment. Everyone has a duty to save our earth, don't we?

There are couple of good websites, the first I would recommend is just- eat, it's the biggest, and offer pretty good customer service, and they seem to set aside enough money for advertisement, recently they launch a TV campaign. But this website is expensive. Over 800 pounds installation fee and about 15 percent commission.

A friend of mine told me that the Indian shop he works as delivery driver installed three online takeaway terminals, they are just-eat, 5pm, and hungry House, "but it's shit," he says, I have only done 8 deliveries tonight. There so many Indians, Chinese, Pizzas out there."

I have heard of another website called, this website offers the takeaway shop better terms, such as no installation fees, and only 8 percent commission for every order, no administration fees such as change your menu, no early contract termination fees, simply you have nothing to lose if you install their service. We haven't tried it yet.

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