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Constituencies, wards and local councils

Constituencies (a.k.a. parliamentary constituencies): each electing one Member of Parliament (MP) every 5 years to the House of Commons (Parliament). There are 650 constituencies in the UK. Wards (a.k.a. electoral divisions or electoral wards) is the primary unit of English electoral geography for borough and district councils, county councils or city councils. Each ward elects either one or two councillors to be members of the local council. There were 9,456 electoral wards/divisions in the UK and each ward has an average electorate of about 5,500 people, but ward population can vary substantially. Local council is made up of a number of Councillors (Cllr) who meet regularly to make decisions about the direction of the council and the work it does for the community. As elected bodies local councils are responsible to their local community. Attending a council meeting is the best way to find out what they do and how they make decisions. Members of public can attend public council m


Can you tell the sex by the color of their shell?

sky broadband macbook problems solved

I just switch from talktalk to sky, it's strange that I couldn't connect to internet by Wifi on my Macbook Pro (Mac OS 10.6.8), the Wifi signal is good, and all my PCs and mobiles are fine with that. The problem seems to be TCP/IP settings, it doesn't work with manual static IP address, after resetting to DHCP, let sky router dynamically distribute IP address, it clear the problem.