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Department for Education (DfE)


Fiat Bravo 80 16V SX

Fluid reservoir for Power steering, brake circuit, windscreen wiper, engine oil, but I can't find the symbol for the Coolant In this picutre, the power steering reservoir with an orange cap, while windscreen wiper fluid a blue cap on top left.  You can see the orange coloured sticker on the brake fluid reservoir. Coolant reservoir with a hot steam warning, it says you must not open the cap when the engine is hot. The battery.

Dole and Brew

When I was in Northern Ireland, my colleague said to me his mate has been "back on the dole".  Yesterday, a Chinese delivery driver said to me, he's been barred by the BREW, I asked if he's not allowed to drink beer. He laughed, and said BREW means jobcentre. I asked why? he said, I don't know, I have to ask my dad. Some say 'brew' is a Scottish colloquial usage of BUREAU, Jobcentre Plus used to be called employment bureaux. I have picked up couple of Scottish words since I moved to Glasgow, such as Ay (Yes), sybees (spring onion), weans (Child), Nae Mair (No more).