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Department for Education (DfE)


Lonliness in England

Dear King, How r u doing? we've changed or summer time to standard GMT time last Sunday. Now we have 8 hours time difference between us. U r not the unique person who feels lonely. Anyway u can talk your dialect to others, write Chinese to others. Can u imagine the loneliness when u live in a foreign country, all yr neighbour are natives, they always go by u as if u'r transparent, and u can't understand their chatting, the movies, news (ofcourse not all), and when u feel lonely, u can only alleviate it by reading reference books or do excercises in yr room? u might say all those are exactly what i was looking for. I just want to escape from the boring ordinary life like what u described and regarded as happiness. That's not what I want. I may fail at last. I may have to return China with a lot of lost expectation. but I should try, to pursue my heaven. I can't answer yr questions like when marry, when own house and when have a kid. But I'm sure we will get a