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Ministerial departments in the UK government

The UK Government is divided up into departments. There are 23 ministerial departments. 1. Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT) 2. Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office 3. Home Office (HO) 4. Cabinet Office (CO) 5. Ministry of Justice (MoJ) 6. Ministry of Defence (MoD) 7. Department for Education (DfE) 8. Department of Health & Social Care 9. Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport 10. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 11. Department for International Trade (DIT) 12. Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) 13. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) 14. Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities 15. Department for Transport (DfT) 16. Northern Ireland Office (NIO) 17. Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland  18. Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 19. Office of the Leader of the House of Lords 20. Office of the Leader of the House of Commons 21. Attorney G

Comparison of tenant deposit schemes in England and Wales

In England and Wales there are three government-approved tenancy deposit schemes (Scotland and Northern Ireland have different schemes). They are Deposit Protection Service (DPS) MyDeposits  Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) Insured vs. custodial scheme Insured scheme: the landlord/agent can hold the tenancy deposits during the term of the tenancy. They need to pay a fee to the deposit scheme to register the deposit. At the end of tenancy, if the tenant raises a dispute, they must transfer the disputed amount to the deposit scheme until the matter is resolved by a free dispute resolution service provided by the scheme or a court.  Custodial scheme: the scheme holds the deposit for the duration of the tenancy. Custodial Schemes is free of charge for the landlord/agent. At the end of tenancy, both parties agree before the deposit can be released to the tenant/landlord. If there is a dispute, the release of deposit will be based on the decision of the free dispute resolution service provided b

The most annoying advertisement that I have ever seen

The most annoying advertisement that I have ever seen is a video ad of the game Dead by daylight . I was playing a game on my mobile, and came across this ad. The audio and visual nearly gave me a heart attack. I'm not a fan of horror genre. This unexpected ad, especially the audio, is so annoying that I turn off the audio completely on my phone to avoid any future nasty surprises like this.

The most common beans and lentils

Common beans and lentils in Europe and America navy beans (Europe), used in baked bean tins   red kidney beans (common in America and Europe)   chickpeas (Middle East, Mediterranean and India)   black beans (South and Central America)   butter beans, aka Lima beans (originate from south America and USA, now common in the UK)   lentils (originate from Middle East, now common in the UK)   cannellini beans, aka white kidney beans (originate from south America)   chili beans, aka pink beans (originate from South America)   pinto beans (common in Mexican and Southwest of the USA)   Common beans in Asia soybeans (common in Asia), called edamame when they are immature   soybeans  黄豆 edamame  毛豆 mung bean 绿豆 (Asia, esp. China

What is the best time in a day for a walk?

In most places the sun is most intense between 10am and 2pm and the warmest time of a day is between 3 and 4pm. If you are in a country which is lack of sunlight, the best time for a walk in winter is 2pm when there is still intense sunlight and outdoor temperature starts to rise to the highest point in the day. In summer, the best time for a walk is probably either between 9 and 10am or after 6pm. The reasons are to avoid high UVB radiation between 10am and 2pm to avoid hot temperature between 3 and 4pm to avoid heavy road traffic between 8-9am and 5-6pm Enjoy the outdoors!