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Department for Education (DfE)


China (National Geographic Traveler) --A Review

Author: Damian Harper ISBN: 978-1-4262-0035-9 This beautiful guide makes the vast enigma of China accessible to every traveler. Filled with a myriad of useful information and travel tips, it features cut-away illustrations of renowned structures, detailed maps, and sumptuous photographs. Broken into chapters by cities and areas, it describes the best sites throughout the country, including Beijing; dynamic, modern Shanghai; the fertile Yangtze region; Guilin and its fabled limestone pillars; Tibet; the Silk Road; Inner Mongolia; Hong Kong; and Macau, all prefaced by an elaborate introduction to the rich Chinese history and culture. Extensive sidebars discuss Chinese deities, the Taiping Rebellion, Tibetan Buddhism, and more, while guided tours include a bike ride from Tiananmen Square and a cruise along the Yangtze River. An extensive travel planner details practicalities, including where to find the most gracious hotels and the best Peking duck and dim sum. This wonderful book has bee

Amazon's Search Inside! for publishers and authors

Search Inside! TM is a revolutionary way for publishers/authors to merchandise their titles on Amazon. When amazon's customers search for books on their web site, customers get their search results by using the actual words from inside participating books not just the author, title, and keywords supplied by the publisher, this returns the best possible selection of books in their search results. Customers can even view sample book pages to help them confirm that the title is just right for them. Help > Publisher & Vendor Guides > Books > Search Inside!