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Department for Education (DfE)


Bingo Night

We went to Bingo night, organized by the my daughter's primary school, she is now on year one. I had no idea at all how to play Bingo, so I didn't buy the Bingo books which should have cost me £4. The head teacher Mrs. Smith sit opposite us to teach us how to play. The basic rule: One person call out as many numbers as needed, you have to cross out the matched number on your Bingo book, until you got a single line or all numbers which called a full house. Kids have two chances to match a single line and one full house, the adults have one chance of single line and then a full house. My Daughter almost started to cry when she proceeded to the last page, and said, "I want to win!" "You will win on this page, I am sure of that!" I said, though I have no confident at all. Then she won a skipping rope. She skipped all the way home, feeling too excited to say tired.