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Do credit cards charge cash advance fees for gambling

My pal said to me that he saw his boss uses credit card to play at the bookies, sometimes he need cash, but don't want to pay cash advance fee to withdraw from a cash machine, he goes to the bookies, and deposits credit to the machine from his credit card, then collects cash from the cashier.  I don't believe this can work out, and wonder if my pal mistakes a debit card for a credit card. I check online, some say 99 percent credit cards in UK charge cash advance fees for gambling, which include HSBC , but I check the Terms and Conditions, it seems don't treat gambling as cash advance: b Except for gambling transactions, we will charge a cash fee for Cash Advances. The amount of the fee is set out at the start of this Agreement. But many forums and blog articles say HSBC bank do charge cash advance fees for gambling, and without a usual interest free period.