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15 global challenges that cannot be addressed by any government acting alone

  The 15 Global Challenges  from t he Millennium Project, a global participatory think tank. 1. How can sustainable development be achieved for all while addressing global climate change? 2. How can everyone have sufficient clean water without conflict? 3. How can population growth and resources be brought into balance? 4. How can genuine democracy emerge from authoritarian regimes? 5. How can decisionmaking be enhanced by integrating improved global foresight during unprecedented accelerating change? 6. How can the global convergence of information and communications technologies work for everyone? 7. How can ethical market economies be encouraged to help reduce the gap between rich and poor? 8. How can the threat of new and reemerging diseases and immune micro-organisms be reduced? 9. How can education make humanity more intelligent, knowledgeable, and wise enough to address its global challenges? 10. How can shared values and new security strategies reduce ethnic conflicts, terroris


If I were a butterfly  I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings, And if I were a robin in a tree I'd thank you Lord that I could sing, And if I were a fish in the sea I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee, But thank you Lord for making me, Me, me, me. For you gave me a heart And you gave me a smile, You you gave Jesus and you made me your child, And I Just thank you Father for making me, Me, me, me. If I were an elephant thank you Lord by raising my trunk, And if I were a kangaroo You know I'd hop right up to you, And if I were an octopus I'd thank you Lord for my fine looks, But I thank you Father for making me, Me, me, me. Chorus If I were a wiggly worm I'd thank you Lord that I could squirm, And if I were a crocodile I'd thank you Lord for my big smile, And if I were a fuzzy wuzzy bear I'd thank you Lord for my fuzzy wuzzy hair, But I just thank you father for making me, Me, me, me.

Do you refuse to carry your child?

"Dory is not happy when she is not carried." This is from my older daughter's spelling homework. Dory is her sister. I feel heart wrenching when I see this drawing. Normally I don't refuse to carry Dory if she says her "legs are tired", or "my tummy aches." Dory seems has figured out that she could get more attention if her "tummy aches," or if she doesn't like the bed time story, she will wriggle and and hide her face, and say, "it's a tummy-ache story!" I notice that she has almost learned to lie because of the fear of punishment. Once she blamed teddy bear for the mess when her mum screaming at her.

How many Bridges over River Clyde?

How many Bridges over River Clyde "Dory thinks there are ten bridges over the river Clyde but I disagree."  This is from my daughter's spelling home work jotter. Actually, according to the Wikipedia, there are around 72 bridges (rail, road, foot and other) that cross the Clyde, from estuary to source.

Hong Kong style toast

I saw our Chinese takeaway boss making toast the other day, he dipped a piece of bread into the beaten egg, and deep fried it, served with honey, it tastes delicious. This Hong Kong Style toast is originated from French toast.

Going Contactless

Received a Contactless card from my bank, and it's new to me. You only need to hold card in front of the Contactless readers. Your payment will be confirmed, then you're good to go.  This method is a new way to pay for small things like magazines, or coffees.  Most payments take less than a second so there's little chance of your coffee getting cold when there are contactless readers about. Contactless payments can be made for purchases for £15 or less, and from 1 June 2012 onwards, retailers will be increasing this amount to £20. The contactless payments are processed using the same advanced technology as chip and PIN. From time to time you may be asked to enter you PIN or sign. So basically it's pretty safe as the old chip and PIN.