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Department for Education (DfE)


The Elfear

An Elfear is not actually an elf’s ear, but of a rare elephant ear breed, it’s a kind of animal which looks like an actual elephant's EAR with two legs and two arms. It has ONE antenna and it's a pastel shade of pink. The antenna is used to sense other creatures' movement for non-predator issues and they are normally found in small places huddling together in a group. Like all animals, Elfear also are divided into male and female, male Elfear is called Rightear, and female Leftear. The Elfear also have the AMAZING ability to regenerate their limbs if they need to and are given enough time. This hasn't been occurring, though. Elfears are known for their magnificent silk that you get from their velvet coat and they are hunted for their skin. They are very small so people have to kill a lot of them to get enough elfear’s silk to make a scarf or a cushion or this kind of stuff. There are a lot and a lot killed each day; Elfear is 'close to extinction'. They

The Town Of Salem

The Town Of Salem Review The game is where you join a lobby and then there, the jobs are picked. You get to choose a name for each round. Also, you have to actually make an account on the game. All of the jobs are: Town Mayor Sheriff Spy Investigator Doctor Medium Lookout Bodyguard Escort Jailor Retributionist Transporter Veteran Vigilante Vampire Hunter Mafia (Bad people in a group) Blackmailer Consigliere Consort Disguiser Forger Framer Godfather Neutral Amnesiac Arsonist Executioner Jester Serial Killer Survivor Vampire Werewolf Witch. I am frustrated because I was a doctor and I healed the person called Jews because Sister told me to, and then I found out he was a Town person and I didn't know who else was a Town person so I just kept on healing him. Healing makes the person you are healing live if someone attacks them. Later on, when there was about four or five people left, I got suspected and

A Caterpillar

A Long time ago, when animals could talk... There lived a caterpillar. "I wish I could fly!" She said. "That will never happen." She said. Then she started eating. After a while, She got full and made a cocoon up a tall stalk to rest in. Caterpillar is her. A few days later, she woke up and broke up her cocoon and found herself a pair of wings! Wow! The End.