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Hot Cross Buns toasted

Jim bought a pack of Hot Cross buns. It was reduced to clear and looked stale. When he was about to eat one. "You can toast and then butter it," Becky suggested. "I have never tried that," Jim said "You cut the bun into half, and toast it. I saw my teacher do it in school."  Becky explained, "She said it's delicious, I haven't tried it though." So Jim thought it might be a good idea to toast a hot cross bun. It turns out quite delicious. Hot Cross Bun is a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins, marked with a cross on the top, and traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

A Second Hand Piano

I had a walk to the town, and paid deposit for a second hand piano at Home Garden furniture shop. It costed me hundred and ten pound. The shop is on the first floor of a building called Empire, it seems to be a cinema, but now a second hand furniture shop occupying the main lounge, Designer City at the left side, and Bob's Taxis on the right side door. So I felt a kind of sorry for the film industry, not exactly the whole film industry, it's the way of producing and distributing, the way of how people watching it. But there is always something puzzling me. I didn't know exactly what it really was. I just can feel it. Whenever I pass the building, there are always men standing outside the Bob's Taxis, the Black and White sign of "Empire Cinema Club" just over the door,  appears shabby and unattractive. But before I wrote down this note, I check the Google Maps, and to my surprise, actually the cinema club is still operating, and it's for ad