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World culture: China

by Kenneth Wilkinson published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2004 ISBN: 978 0340811436 This books is one of books in teach yourself® series . The author intends to give us as full a basic overview as possible in its 250 or so pages of the main aspects of China: the country, its languages, its people, their way of life and culture and what makes them tick. This book is a very useful foundation for people who are studying for examinations or learning the Chinese language,or anyone who wants to know more about the country and how it works. And This book will also provide valuable and practical information about the ways and customs of Chinese for anyone who is traveling and doing business in China. The first section of this book is about the making of China. Chapter1 and Chapter2 deal with the forces --historical, demographical and linguistic-- that have brought about the formation of the country we know as China, and the language and people we know as Chinese. The second section is about