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Department for Education (DfE)


I don't like Unicom

I never liked to my telephone service provider Unicom, it also supplies gas, electricity and broadband. Last year I called to switch to other company, but Unicom says that the one year contract hasn't finished, so I can't switch. One year contract now almost finished but I can't remember the exact date, so called to ask if the contract will renew automatically. I actually couldn't wait to switch to other supplier. Then the girl on the phone said the contract will be expired on 9th June. Still early,two months to go then. I said. The girl asked, if I want to renew, I can do it on the phone, she will send me a form to sign. So I agreed. What I was thinking was I can read the contract carefully, and most probably won't sign the contract for ANOTHER YEAR. She read out my details very quickly for me to confirm, like name, address etc. Of course most of these information are correct. Then everything is fine until two days later I received a letter to inform

Ranger's Signature Ring

On the front is the ranger's crest, and beside is the Scottish national flower -- thistle. Scott says, this is precious to me, my girlfriend gave to me before he died. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device