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The most annoying advertisement that I have ever seen

The most annoying advertisement that I have ever seen is a video ad of the game Dead by daylight . I was playing a game on my mobile, and came across this ad. The audio and visual nearly gave me a heart attack. I'm not a fan of horror genre. This unexpected ad, especially the audio, is so annoying that I turn off the audio completely on my phone to avoid any future nasty surprises like this.

Crane Flies Mating

My daughters calls them "sucking-blood spider", because of their long legs, especially my younger one, she was so scared that she would rather hide under duvet sweating, until I catch the fly and threw them out.  Crane fly looks like 'giant mosquito', and seem to be weak and poor flier, and very easy to catch. This afternoon, I saw two crane flies stayed very close on my windows, so I asked my daughter to take a photo of them. Then after about one minute, they started to mate. What a scene! crane flies courting Crane fly mating