Just Eat for Chinese Takeaway

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Just installed a Just-eat online takeaway service for our Chinese takeaway.

It works like this: when customers find Just-Eat on the internet, they enter their postcode to find the takeaway or restaurant  that deliver to their area, they order from the online menu, and pay by card or cash on delivery. The restaurant receives the order on a printed copy straight to their Just-Eat terminal.

The Just-Eat terminal looks like a card swipe machine, but it basically works as a remote thermal printing device, connected by GPS modem, and controlled by a wireless SIM card, this SIM card might be provided by mobile phone company, such as O2 or T-mobile, etc, since it uses their mobile network to send and receive data. it is activated upon signing the contract with Just-Eat website.

To use this device is very simple, when it beeps, you press F1 button to accept the order, or F2 button to reject it. This function is relied on its two-way communication over a fixed IP address, and can reduce or avoid miss order or delayed order.

One drawback is no Chinese language, so if nobody in the kitchen can read English, you need someone to translate the order into Chinese. Hopefully they may develop a kind of bilingual system, when the customer makes an order, the system can print out bilingual order slips which has two copies, one copy has larger Chinese font for the kitchen.

To use this service, the cost are 700 pound initial fee, and about 15 percent of every order, includes VAT.

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