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Hello Yellow

It's 8 O'Clock Sunday Evening, Jimmy's play Candy Crush Saga on his laptop in the Study Room. As young man, he knows that he is supposed to combat and killing some monsters, but he just likes the bright colour of Candies. Barbara's also playing on her laptop in the living room, to help her mouse to grab some cheese. Then she thought of something and came over to Jimmy's room.

"Do you have anything yellow?" Barbara asked.

"Yes, yellow leaves in the garden." Jimmy even didn't bother to look up from his computer screen.

"Now, seriously, I need wear something yellow on Monday." Barbara said, stamping her feet.

"What's for? It's not Easter?" Jimmy stood up, and pick up his cold tea, and drank it. "Yellow is my favourite colour, I have my yellow jackets and trousers, although it's regarded as the trickiest colour."

"Monday is non-uniform day, I was told to wear something yellow." Barbara explained.

"Right!" Jimmy rejoined, "You have two days at weekend for shopping, now it's eight O'clock Sunday evening, all shops are closed. You asked me if I have something yellow for you? And what's the meaning of Wearing Something Yellow?"

Barbara even didn't know the meaning of it.

"So, bright yellow is the colour of Spring, like Daffodils." Jimmy looked around the room, then up to the ceiling,  and finally out of the window, seems to search for some daffodils in the room and garden.  "There is a Daffodil Appeal for Marie Curie Nurses I knew of, but It seems in March, when the daffodils are blooming, people may collect donations and hand out daffodils. "

"But yellow is also the colour of Autumn." Barbara protested.

"Yes, Yes. That's why I said I have yellow leaves for you." Jimmy continued, "In Autumn, there is Chrysanthemum, and yellow chrysanthemum is the most common colour. On the Ninth day of the Ninth month of Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Double Ninth Festival, or Chongyang festival, people wear yellow chrysanthemum and climb mountains to celebrate the Senior Citizens' Day, it's the day to care for and appreciate the elderly. "

"But we're not in China. And when is the Ninth day of Ninth Month by the way? Is it 9th of September?" Barbara asked.

"No. it's 9th of October 2016 this year, but every year is different according to the western Gregorian Calendar.  Now if it's not daffodil appeal, what the school asks to wear something yellow for?"

Barbara turned around and left the room quickly and run back with a School Newsletter. And read out as follow:

"The St. Saviour's School will be holding a non-uniform day and students are asked to pay £1 for the
privilege of wearing their own clothes. This will be donated to the Young Minds charity. They are also
encouraged to wear something yellow to join in with the #HelloYellow campaign that is being run by
the charity but please be aware that the clothes worn should be appropriate."

"Right." Jim sighed, "Sorry. It seems that I have an earlier Newsletter in Email inbox, but I haven't read it."

Jimmy sat down and found the newsletter form the week before last.

"On Monday 10th October, King James’s College will be holding its first non-uniform day of the academic year to mark World Mental Health Day. Students are encouraged to wear something yellow but are reminded to dress appropriately. They are asked to donate £1 for the privilege of not wearing their uniform and will be able to buy goodies from student bake sales throughout that week. "

"To be honest,  Is it a PRIVILEGE to wear something yellow?" Jimmy asked after a pause, then he clicked the icon picture, and it lead him to a webpage, which says, "1 in 4 young people in UK experience suicidal thoughts. "

Jimmy turn around, and stared at Barbara for a minute, lift his hand to touch Barbara's forehead, and asked in a mocked concerning tone, "Do you have suicidal thoughts?"

"Why?" Barbara was astonished, "Why did you ask that?"

"See? You don't have anything yellow for tomorrow's non-uniform day. Although neither do I. And it's too late for going shopping. Don’t you regret for forgetting all about that?"


"That's good." Jimmy said, "That means you don't have mental health problem."


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