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Fwd: The Bad Paint Black And The Good Paint Angel White


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The Bad Paint Black And The Good Paint Angel White

Once there were two paints Bad Black and Angel White. The Bad Black was obviously just bad, or mean, or nasty, whatever you call it. So now on Angel White. Angel White was just an ordinary color but she was good. The Bad Black made nightmares. The Angel White made wishes come true. Bad Black lived in a smelly old palace think of it think of it! picture it in you're head! and Angel White had a nice and good smelling palace even and do same with Bad Black's palace picture in your head. now on story part
Once upon a time there were two paints Bad Black and Angel White. Angel white was very sad  because her kingdom has ruined and her builders wont ever listen to her. Bad Black was very happy  because everyone was dirty and unhealthy and eating bad food like chocolate bars. And Angel white lived in a small cottage with a nice old kind lady. It was nighttime for bad paints to wake up in night and it was morning for good paints to wake up. Rise and shine! so after in this day  in afternoon some bad paints came to give up the bad and became good and then more and more and it kept going on until there were no black paint left to paint then the leader came to the good paint's kingdom to leave bad paint. After when she came everybody said why are you here? are you going to ruin our palace  more? why do you come? do you want to leave bad paint? and bad paint said stop it! I CAME HERE BECAUSE I WANTED TO LEAVE BLACK PAINT AND YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME  then black paint leader started to cry  then white paint leader came and said do you want to join? black paint said yes i do oh and i forgot black paint leader was a boy king and angel white was a girl queen. After  a few days the both king queen whites got married  and they lived happily ever after

The End


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