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Kedleston Hall

Derby does not spring to mind as a tourist attraction, but it has much to offer the visitor (including the county show in June). The cathedral, for example, has an interior that combine 18th-century splendour with the best modern craftsmanship. The Museum and Art Gallery in the Strand has an enormous range of displays, including porcelain, coins, natural history, archaeology and folk exhibits, together with a collection of paintings by the important local artist Joseph Wright, while the former silk mill off Full Street, now houses the Derby Industrial Museum, devoted to the history of local mining, quarrying and manufacturing, with special emphasis on Rolls Royce. You can see the porcelain industry at first hand at the Crown Derby factory in Osmaston Road, which has a fine museum. Joseph Pickford's House in 41 Friar Gate, has recently been converted to a museum of domestic life.

Derbyshire is famous for its stately homes, but none outdoes the grandeur and elegant symmetry of Kedleston Hall, long the home of the Curzon family and now in the hands of the National Trust. An immense portico fronts the main block, which is connected by curved walkways to substantial pavilions on each side. The sensational marble hall and a succession of splendid state rooms are finely furnished and housing an important collection of paintings. The park is really breathtaking. The most famous member of the Curzon family was Viceroy of India at the turn of the century and visitors can see his memorial chapel in the 12th-century church, together with other family monuments, and a collection of his treasures.

Kedleston Hall

Lord Curzon of Kedleston as Viceroy of India


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