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Latex teat or silicone teat?

We stole (midwife tells us to steal or borrow baby stuff in antenatal class) several ready-to-use liquid formula bottle when we discharged from hospital. We sterilise and reuse those 100ml SMA bottles and teats, but these silicone teats holes seem to be enlarged, the milk keeps gushing at my baby, causing her to choke and cough. And the small air infusion hole seems to be blocked, the milk flow become smaller and the teat contracted without air goes into the bottle, my baby always gets very frustrated. But somehow she find out to release the teat a bit and let air go into the bottle, this only happens when she is not so hungry.

Teat has different milk flow speed: fast flow, medium flow and variable flow teats. I bought a bottle with variable flow which has three level flow speed controls, but it is quite expensive and my wife got it refunded. So we changed to cheaper 250ml straight bottle with latex teat. Because there is no milk flow control, I have to pull out the bottle and put it back to her mouth again.

Latex teat seems better than silicone teats, because latex teats feel more like skin than silicone ones.

And latex teats are cheaper than silicone ones, almost half the price.

Who says people are born equal, even equal opportunities? Their first drop of milk is different, not mentioning their treat when they still in mum's tummy. We buy her HiPP Organic because it's cheaper. My wife says more expensive doesn't mean better, and cheaper doesn't mean worse. But my baby struggles with teats milk flow, too quick or too slow, gets choked and cough or get frustrated, she definitely suffers more than those drinking from a variable flow teats. But who knows this kind of stimulate is not helpful for her later life?


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