Little Blue Naughty Dude

Who taught the10-year-old girl this kind of morals? The Grandma was eaten just because she calls her little grandson cutie pie? And the wolf and his acomplice are not punished,  They get away and live happily ever after.
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> Little Blue Naughty Dude
> Once upon a time, there was a famous little boy called Little Blue Naughty Dude. Everybody called him that because he always wore his blue hood while stealing groceries from the stores. One day, Little red riding hood (Little blue naughty dude's mother) asked little blue naughty dude to go out into the woods and send his grandma some cake and milk. Little blue naughty dude hated his grandma because she always called him cutie pie, and he hated it. So he sneaked out into the woods and met up with the "big bad wolf", then said, "If you team up with me, you will get to eat a fat grandma for your lunch." "Really?!" replied the wolf. "Of course. I'm going to my grandmas house, and this is the plan...." said Little blue naughty dude. He whispered the plan about him going into the house then letting the wolf sneak in and eat his grandma. "Ok, meet up at 12:00" he whispered. "Sure, meet up here?" the wolf said "Yeah."
> Later that day, little blue naughty dude packed up the cake and milk then headed out into the forest. The wolf was already there and they headed off to little red riding hood's mother (grandma). They started talking and they actually became quite friendly. "Want some cake for dessert?" said little blue naughty dude "Ok I like cake," said the wolf. Once they got to grandma's house they stuck to the plan and the wolf managed to eat the grandma and they had their dessert as planned too. "Oh no, mom's gonna kill me..." thought little blue naughty dude "Hey wolf can I come and stay with the wolves? My mother will kill me if I go home.." "Yeah! We can be good bros!" So they went to the wolves cave together and little red riding hood never mentioned her son again. Little blue riding dude lived with the wolves happily ever after.

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