The Bloody Chinese Takeaway Opens On Christmas Day

Customers starts to inquire if the Chinese takeaway shop will be open on Christmas Day.

"I am not sure." I said, " Last Christmas it was closed because of no delivery driver. But one of our driver says he can work on Christmas this year. He says that he is a White Paki. And there is a customer told us that she always got her curry for Christmas dinner, so I promised her we will be open for Her."

The customer felt indignant when she heard we may open on Christmas Day. She said, "Police or firefighter or doctors have to serve for emergence, but I don't think the bloody chinese takeaway or chip shop have o be open."

I said , "Yeah, but we're not Christians, and don't have a tradition of celebrating it."

"But Jesus love all human kind," she said, "not just for Christians."

The delivery driver explained the meaning of White Paki to me. And said he can work every day seven days a week like a Pakistanese. But he actually hasn't been working for quite a long time, this part-time delivery job is the first job since the time he could remember. He has too long a holiday for years, why can't he work to when he have chance?

Chinese are similar as Indian-Pakistanese, who don't have a sabath tradition. Our takeaway owner and chef works 364 days last year. Because we don't celebrate Christmas, and we haven't got much to celebrate for Chinese New Year in a foreign land, the festival atmosphere are gradually fading out of our life, and at the end it will be only existing in our memory and minght creep back in our dreams.

The red paper on the lntel and on bothe sideposts of the door, the nwe clothes, the offering for the household gods and ancestors, the fire crackers, and the lucky money from your grandparents, and visiting your relatives, and well wishes from your neighbours, etc, etc, all those hubbub seem to be a shadow scene in dreamland farway from me.

What can I say? The Chinese Money God Cai-shen is the only god worshiped in this shop, his image are hung on the wall beside the counter.
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