How the first Bakewell pudding was created

The first Bakewell pudding was created during the 19th century,  and was the result of a misunderstanding between the mistress of the rutlands Arms inn, Mrs Greaves, and her cook. On a day when important visitors were expected at the inn for dinner, Mrs Greaves instructed her cook how she wished the pastry made for a strawberry tart; the egg mixture was to be mixed into the pastry and the strawberry jam spread on top. Mrs Greaves was called away to receive her visitors and the cook either forgot or misunderstood the instruction and poured the egg mixture over the jam instead of mixing it in the pastry and what should have been a tart was now a pudding, went to the oven and thence to the table.

Dinner over, the guests sent for Mrs Greaves and complimented her upon her delicious pudding. Mrs Greaves thought it odd that her tart should be called a pudding and she questioned the cook who confessed what she had done.

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