Little Wonders Straight Baby Feeding Bottles

I went to Co-op shop to pay council tax, total £85. The Co-op shop was used to take credit card. but asked for debit card this time. I wonder if this is the effect of credit crunch?

Then I went to Dean & Smedley pharmacist, there is often some cheap stuffs in pharmacist shop. I bought a pack of razor for only 99 pence before. I found the cheap feeding bottle, it's called "Little Wonders Straight Bottles", which are made with FDA approved food grade polycarbonate and come complete with latex medium flow teat and sealing disc. The Straight Bottle has a capacity of 250ml/8ox per bottle, and really offers value for money.

But recently, there are recent press reports from Canada and the USA , regarding the concerns of an ingredient called Bisphenol A (BPA) used in the manufacture of the polymer Polycaronate , which is used to make baby feeding bottles. I don't know what's wrong with thin material. But anyway, Polycarbonate as a raw material has been used in the manufacture of baby feeding bottles for now over 40 years all over the world and there is an overwhelming scientific evidence backing the safety of the polycarbonate used in the manufacture of the baby bottles.

So it seems nothing to be worried about.

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