Is Toufu safe to eat?

I am not sure especially in the middle of melamine contaminated baby formula crisis, if you buy Toufu from supermarket which are made in China.

The ingredients of Toufu is soybean, water, and coagulating agents. Traditionally the coagulant used is nigari, which is a sea water precipitate rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium chlorides.My mum used to make Toufu by adding this kind of stuff, of course safe to eat. But there are reports that some individual Toufu makers use medical gypsum which are bought (or recycled from) medical gypsum bandages taken off from patients' broken legs or arms and thrown into the bins in the hospital.

In China, there are also reports that people use human hair to make Soy sauce, too. I might have consumed this kind of soy sauce and eaten toufu made of medical gypsum, who knows, luckily I am still alive.

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