Fairtrade Logo

When I was urging Amanda to go to bed, I spotted several leaflets on the bedroom floor, and picked them up.  One of these was Fairtrade.

Amanda saw it too, and asked, "What can you see on Fairtrade logo?"

"They looks like a Chinese Tai Chi Fishes." Fairtrade logo always looks like Taiji fishes to me, though it's a bit different, as the colors, shapes are slightly different, another dot is missing too. I have never tried to find out what it actually means.

"Taiji Fish?" Amanda laughed, "it's not a fish, it's a person waving hands."

"A person? I can only see a large circle, and small circle, one giant blue fish looks like a whale, and another orange fish looks like a shark." I stared at the logo, turned upside down, at a slanting angle, moved it further away at a distance and then closer to myself to examine it, I couldn't figure out a person from the picture.

"The black dot or circle is the head, and the orange part is the waving arm." Amanda explained.

"But what does the blue part represent?" I asked, gradually make some sense of it.

"I am not sure, might be just kind of background?" Amanda shrugged.

"Right. How did you know that? " I asked, "did your teacher tell you so?"

"Yea. But I can see it anyway." She said. Then she put away her tablet, and jumped up into her bed.

"Turn off the light for me, please." she said, "and good night."

I'm wondering if my old knowledge has been preventing me from seeing new things, and old experience interfering my cognition.

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