A chicken rap battle

Once upon a time, in an African Savanna, there was a lion and a tiger. The lion was called LION and the tiger was called TIGER. LION and TIGER were hunting, they didn't know each other yet.
LION came across a buffalo and chased after it, TIGER saw the same buffalo and chased after it. They came across each other and they stopped chasing the buffalo. "Hi," said LION, "Hello there," said TIGER in a deep voice.
TIGER was hungry, he wanted to eat LION as lunch. LION was hungry, too, LION wanted to befriend TIGER. TIGER pretended to be friendly, so when LION wasn't noticing, he would run for the kill. But LION noticed that TIGER had a plan. So LION sat beside TIGER and listened. LION heard TIGER's stomach rumbling and LION knew for sure he wanted to eat him. SO LION told TIGER about TIGER going to eat him. TIGER growled and now knew that his act wasn't enough, then he challenged LION to a chicken rap battle.
What’s that? LION asked.
“A chicken rap battle is when you rap about chickens and there are chickens as judges. Tiger answered.
LION accepted and he hired 3 chickens for the judging, TIGER said in a deep voice "If you win I will let you go. If I win I can eat you. And you guys, chickens!"
"What?!" The chickens were frightened, and immediately ran away.
"Wait!” shouted TIGER. “I promise not to eat you."
So TIGER shook their hands one by one with the chicken.
So, the chicken rap battle started.
"Chickens are poop, they never ever loop, they lay things called eggs, and they look like pole pegs!" TIGER rapped.
"The beautiful chickens are so good to me, they always poo-poo and that stinky little pee! The chickens come from a place called a farm, they lay eggs for the farmers and the chicks go calm." LION rapped.
The chickens didn't appreciate TIGER's rap so they said LION won. TIGER was furious, that LION will be able to escape now. LION ran away, leaving TIGER starving. TIGER couldn't bear it any longer so he broke his promise and ate the chickens.

Meanwhile LION was telling the other lions what had happened and they accepted LION's request about getting revenge on TIGER. The next day all the lions and LION went to TIGER's den, where TIGER was sleeping. The lions and LION sneaked in and killed TIGER for their revenge. So LION lived happily ever after, and became the king of the African Savanna.

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