Story: Transformice !

Once upon a time, there was a mouse. She lived peacefully in the countryside and one day the house she was living in had a new owner. The owner was a city person, The owner bought a laptop and played ''Transformice''. The owner left the computer on and went to make tea, The mouse crept out and stole cheese like usual. But then, she saw the laptop with mice on it. She jumped through the screen and got trapped inside the computer.

The owner was really playing transformice. After a little while she was changing shape! She was turning into a mouse shape by the way. After a few minutes she made her own tribe. Suddenly...  BOOM! She appeared in her OWN tribe house. After a few seconds she learned how to climb walls.   The next morning (in transformice) she played in "Room Bootcamp 1". She was bouncing on a trampoline ground when... (bubble pop noises) SHE JUMPED OFF THE EDGE AND FELL AND DIED.

She didn't hurt herself though, while she was waiting for the next round she was shopping and bought some clothes.

On ''Room Survivor 4'', the mouse got killed, and her fortune was bad and she died forever in the game. The owner cried to go back out side the game.

The owner cried to death and then......POOF, the owner magiced out of the laptop and on her bed, and the mouse that just finished his lunch (the mouse's lunch was cheese) became friends with the owner and they lived happily ever after.       
The End.

No cheese for you! ^_^

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