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The Phantom Blue Tack Stealer
All was well at St. Saviour's Primary until the blue tack phantom crawls in and eats all the blue tack the school has.

Once upon a time at St. Saviour's Primary, all was well and coaches going in and out for school trips. Until one of the teachers asked me to go to the class next door to ask for blue tack and they couldn't find any so I went to the next class, they didn't have any, and so on. Until I was at the last class, their teacher said "No, but I do have white tack." I took that and went back and told my teacher. The next day there was news on TV that said, "there is no blue tack anywhere, companies that make blue tack say that there was a mysterious man that came into the shop and used the toilet. As far as they know, they went back to the factory and all the blue tack was gone, News later on at 6:00 pm tonight, bye!" "They are having the same problems as we have been having," I thought. Later days were shorter of blue tack and later there was no blue tack in the world!
I met the phantom blue tack stealer and I caught him eating the blue tack. Legend was foretold that later he died from an illness which came from the white tack. Blue tack was actually really healthy! It had vitamin A, C, D!

fake story, blue tack is not healthy.

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