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The Chicken  Man

Once upon a time there was a chicken. He was lost, so he gone everywhere to find a farm but he couldn't. He ate grass, he thought very short grass was green grain. When the chicken was walking on the road he saw a man and the man saw the chicken.  The man was hungry. So he took him home and cooked him and ate him. After he was changing shape and he was turning smaller and his head was big.  And he had human legs and he was turning into a shape like a chicken  and instead of the red thing under his chin  he got a beard!  he was so fat he was like a chicken man with a fat belly. It looked strange. When he went outside, everyone was laughing at him.  He was mad very mad   so he went back home and pushed his door to close it. Then he made a potion with his feet.  Then after he drank it. And he was back to normal.

                                                        The End

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