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I like the book a lot. The book is sad and also funny but exciting and adventurous at the same time. A lot of battle mode and survival stuff and it is really a good book. But... i would appreciate it if they talked more about the other clans. Because in this book they only talk about Thunderclan. If they talked more about where Windclan was and how they survive or if they survive. Also Riverclan isn't mentioned much apart from the beginning and the gathering each moon.

I liked the great description of each scene for example, Erin hunter talks about the scene in the forest a lot. And i like how Firepaw (Fireheart, Rusty) meets Smudge again and Smudge looks different than before. I was confused at the beginning what the word cutter was so I looked farther into the story and found out what it meant. The cats like Brockenstar and Oakheart need to be more described on their appearance and their personalities in the story. I wonder how the author came up with words like kittypets and twolegs and the names for everyone. The ending is kind of interesting because when i try to end my stories I cant think of a way to end the story but all i think of is... They lived happily ever after. This story gives me information a lot.

I recommend to you. Please read the book.

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