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The Fat King

Once upon a time there was a kingdom with... a fat king! He was very fat and lazy, he had 10 servants to help him to eat, and helped him to go to bed, and lots of other things. His first servant served the food on the table, the second servant put food on the spoon, the third servant opened his mouth, the fourth servant put the food in his mouth, the fifth servant had to help him chew! The sixth one fed him soup, the seventh one blew the soup if it was too hot, the eighth one wiped his mouth with a wet towel, the ninth one fed him desserts, and the tenth one put drinks in his mouth.
The king was ''so'' lazy that he didn't even walk! He was carried around by some servants.

One day the chairs for the king were braking so the servants had to make special beds, then the beds became to small for him and they had to make special beds.

In summer he managed to reach 200 stones and was VERY VERY heavy. So the chief doctor said to the king "you have to lose weight or you will die very soon." "I don't wanna die!" whined the king "then fire 5 servants and do most of the things your self," chief doctor said. So the king fired 5 servants and did all their jobs himself. after 5 months he lost 3 stones. "Well done! you lost 3 stones!" said the chief doctor congratulating him "HUH! only 3 stones!!" "try even harder then."

So the king fire 3 more servants and dressed up himself. after a couple of months he lost 3 stones again. It went on and on until he got to 100 stones and lost lots on fat. He felt much lighter and energetic.

"well done for getting this far my majesty but to get to the stage of normal people you need to do some exercise or sports." "ok what kind of sports?"
"running, swimming, athletics." said chief doctor
so the king thought about it... NO WAY he could do athletics, he couldn't do swimming either but running was too tiring!

So he thought more and thought swimming, the king send out a servant to shout out for a coach for swimming that is patient, calm, soft and kind. They finally found a coach for the king, at first try he said "IM GONNA SINK GET ME A SWIMMING RING!" "no need for swimming rings your majesty," said the coach but the king INSISTED on having a swimming ring.

So they bought him a swimming ring and he learned slowly but he managed to reach his goal and lost much more weight, he became slim and got married, to a nice queen for his country, they had a great ceremony and everyone was saying good things and happy things. They lived happily ever after.

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