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The Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time… there was a old man and old lady, they made a gingerbread man and they mixed.  They mixed and they mixed. It was done, and they pressed the cutter on the dough. They made raisins for eyes… and cherry for nose. Orange skin for his mouth and three raisins for his buttons. They put it on the oven and they were watching TV. and the oven called ding ding! So they opened the oven and the gingerbread man quickly ran out the door and said "run run run! As fast as you can! you can't catch me! i'm the gingerbread man!" The old lady and old man said "stop stop!" We love gingerbread men! They ran and they met a little boy and little girl and the boy was pushing the girl on the swings. The girl said "stop stop! We love gingerbread men!" and they chased him and they met a cat and a mouse. The cat was chasing the mouse and they looked, and said "stop stop we love gingerbread men!" So they ran trying to catch little gingerbread man. He ran up a hill, ran up a mountain, rand through a forest, and… they got closer to a river and then a fox came pounding and stopped. Staring at the gingerbread man, drooling. The fox was planning to trick the gingerbread man. So the fox said "I will help you across the river!" "thank you!!" said gingerbread man. So the fox swam over the the gingerbread mans side and bent down for him to sit on the foxes back. The fox swam halfway and the fox flipped the gingerbread man said "help! help! Im being eaten! Im too young to die!" The gingerbread man went down into the foxes throat with a big gulp and the others watched as the gingerbread man disappeared for a while….

The Gingerbread Man After Story

They made a gingerbread girl and the old man and woman said aw! She must be lonely so the boy gingerbread man, not dead escaped from the foxes stomach and the gingerbread man ran to the old woman's house and he knocked on the door and they opened and they said "we won't eat you look! He saw the ginger bread girl and came in and he took her hands and the gingerbread man ran with the gingerbread girl. The old woman caught them and ate them. They went through her mouth, got chewed up, went through her intestines and made it into her stomach… After they made a gingerbread house and they made two more ginger bread people and they lived happily in the old woman's house. The old woman made a granny and grandpa! and then it was dark and the middle of  the night they just made one whole family of gingerbread men and they lived happy in the gingerbread house. Until it was nearly morning 12 o clock they made the bed and sleep they turned the lights off. "night night!" said gingerbread baby "night night!" said gingerbread girl. So it was morning already! the alarm goes mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew and they checked the gingerbread house and they were still there and they said "mama papa," and they all laughed. They all ran and said "run run run as fast as you can you can't catch me we're the gingerbread men!" everyone joined and laughed as they said "run run as fast as you can you cant catch me we're the ginger bread men!" They laughed for an hour!

The End 
Written By Dory Sheng
Edited By Brenda Sheng

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