Bucket list

An English Idiom “To kick the bucket” meaning to die is the inspiration for the bucket list, no not just the film. It has become a phenomenon sweeping the world. So what is a bucket list you ask me? Well, we all have things we want to do and experience before we kick the bucket.
For a growing number of people this has become an obsession. They create a list of things that they have always wanted to do and aim to do it all before they die. This can range hugely in difficulty. It’s more about what is important to the individual. I have seen climbing Mount Everest and sleeping under the stars on the same list!
A survey to find the most common things on people’s lists came up with the following:

1.      Become a millionaire
2.      Travel the world
3.      See the northern lights
4.      Walk the great wall of China
5.      Completely pay off your mortgage

I personally think there are definitely advantages to thinking about and making bucket list. It can help to make you realise what you really want in life and what is important to you. On the other hand it can also make you realise how little you have done! You might also feel pressure to do these things and so end up doing things just to tick them off the list and not really for enjoyment.

Yes, I have made my own list and it’s still a work in progress. So far I have 28 things of which I have completed 1! 

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