Learning to Drive

The age from which one is allowed to drive is 17 (I love to use one!). Some like to do it straight away and others like to wait a while, some never learn at all. I fall into the second category, I’m half way through university and have decided that its time. It’s not a huge process but here is what you need to do to acquire a licence in England and hopefully with some luck learn to drive.

Apply for and get yourself a provisional, this allows you to take classes from trained instructors or to get your own insurance and practice with someone over 21 who has held their license for over 3 years.

Start learning! Instructors can be quite expensive and charge around 20 pounds per hour. If this seems a lot then the cost of insurance on your own car will seem astronomical. Do remember that with a provisional you cannot drive on the motorway.

Book and pass the theory test, this has two parts one multiple choice test where you need to get 43/50. And a hazard perception where you have to click when you think there is a hazard during the video (you need 59%). Plenty of practice is needed as I am finding out; there are many practice disks available which means you should be a pro before you take the test (fingers crossed).

The final step is to book the practical test. Your instructor should go through all of the things you need to know beforehand. This includes driving on various different roads and the four manoeuvres. You must go through the test making no major mistakes and up to a maximum of 15 minor mistakes.

If you have done all of this then you can now legally drive in the UK provided you have insurance, road tax…

So good luck to all of you looking to start this adventure, it’s not as daunting as it seems. 

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