How to use deposit machine?

I think there are not many people who doesn't know how to withdraw cash from ATM machine, but I am not sure if everybody knows how to use a pay-in machine. This may be due to the fact that deposit machines are not as popular as cash machine.

At first, I thought you must have a card to make a deposit. But today when my friend told me the cashier window is closed, and she asked me to go the bank with my debit card.

This gives me an idea that she may just make payment by typing a bank account number into the machine, because you don't need a pin, and the card reader does no more than to read the account information stored in the card.

But my friend didn't believe me, and insisted to ask to go there.

So I went to bank, and asked the reception if you have to use a card to deposit cash into the machine. His answer is NO. And I tried out by typing the account number into the machine, and made the payment.

I said to my friend, 'From now on, you have to believe me.'

But I know it's no use, even people met face to face with Jesus, and talked with Him, still many of them didn't BELIEVE Jesus, how much less convincing my words are?
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