How to order Chinese takeaway

Many customers come to our takeaway shop, and don't know what to eat. It seems easier for them to answer if you ask them how the world was created. They stand in front the counter, and read through the menu, which has more than 200 different meals. Sometimes they look like very embarrassed to take so long to find just one meal to satisfy their hungry stomach.

Five minutes past, they still seem to be puzzled by those strange names, Chow mien, Kung po, Shanghai style, Peking or Mandarin style, Szechuan, cantonese or Hongkong style, Yung chow, Singapore, or Malaysia, etc, etc.

At last, they decide to order chicken curry on the safe side, because they really don't now what's in those dishes, or if they like or not.

So my advice is, always read our menu carefully, and know exactly what you want to eat, then come to the shop.

Some customers phone in for delivery, when I ask them what they would like to order, they ask their partners or friends what they want. Then repeat the order back to me. Why can't they write down their order before pick up the phone?

Always read carefully takeaway menu, look out for special offers, such as free prawn crackers over 8 pound order, free bottle of cola for over £20 order, or a free potion of salt pepper chicken wings for over £25 order. Some customers order theses things with their already big meal, so they at last get two bags of prawn crackers, or two bottles of juice, two portions of chicken wing. Buy one get one free. But reality is they can't eat all they get, buy one get one into the bin. Waste money and waste food.

And we also have meal deal for one called Happy Meal, or set meal for 2 or 3 or 4, these meal deals are far cheaper than order separately. My boss always complains that Happy meal can make far less profit even than a long tray meal fried rice with curry sauce. You can imagine how good it is!

We are now on just-eat website, it quite convenient to order takeaway online , especially when you don't have cash and ATM machine is far away from your home. But some customer don't realize that order online is more expensive than by phone. You have to pay Just-eat £0.5 credit card fee, and normally deliver charge is higher, because they don't charge deliver fee by mileage, they charge by post-code instead, for example, a local customer might only need to pay a minimum delivery price £1.30, but if you order through just-eat, you have to pay £1.80. And online order is not available under £10, some customer have to order a bag of prawn crackers or some other side dishes or cans of juice that they really don't like or need it.

I hope you always enjoy Chinese takeaway.
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