Fengshui of our house

Fengshui literally means 'wind and water', which are two most important elements of a place.

When buying a property, location is the most important fact which affects the price.

Ten houses on this crescent, which was a patch of woodland. The house which we now live is on the worst spot. It has lest sunshine, noisiest, and facing to road.

Lack of sunshine causes our burglar alarm to fail, and might attribute to my stiff knees. East was tall building, which was a police station. This tall building block the morning sunshine. In the front of our house, another tall complex to block our view. Sometimes their glass windows reflect sunshine direct into our living room.

There is a burglar alarm on the front wall of each house. Ours failed last winter, and I noticed this didn't happen to our neighbours'. I called the security company to fix it. The guy told me that the battery was drained because of lack of sunshine. 'Well,' he said, 'you don't really need the direct sunshine to recharge it. But in this country, the day is very short in winter, more cloudy days than bright one.' He changed the battery, and it works again. One year after, I noticed the alarm failed again.

Our house is also the noisiest. Behind our house is a underground train parking center, which was an abandoned prison, local people told me that a high official of Hitler was jailed here during the WII. We can hear the loud noise even when our windows are closed, and feel the tremor of the ground when a train leaves the parking lot and moves to underground, our house shakes as if by a minor earthquake.

This is the most convenient spot for aimless burglars, when then saunters in to this road, just need to take few steps to turn our door knob to check is it is locked. Then quickly move away without being noticed by the neighbors.

Couple of month ago, a hoodie just opened our door and walk inside. When he saw us in the kitchen, he walked away. Half an hour later, we heard the clicking of the door knob again, I run to see out of the window, the same hoodie came back and passed our house for a quick check.

Yin represents dark, cold, wet, windy, noisy, etc. These are negative elements and  destructive force to human being. Several day ago, when I open the back door, two foxes lying in our garden. Fox is believed to have the most yin element among animals, they choose our garden as a hiding place, that means the garden have the most yin elements, which are agreeable to them, but not good for us humans.

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