When do you celebrate Chinese Christmas?

An immigration officer asked a Chinese woman the reason of seeking asylum, she answered that she was persecuted in China for believing Jesus Christ.

Then the officer asked her when was Jesus birthday.

The Chinese lady didn't know, and her passport was confiscated. How did she now a person's birthday who lived more than two thousand years ago? But luckily, her lawyer appealed her case and the result turned out to be successful. Then she had a chance to tell me this story.

Many local people come to our shop asking when do we celebrate Chinese Christmas, or just when is Chinese Christmas. This sounds Chinese Jesus has a different birthday in China, I have heard that in Russia and some East European country celebrate Christmas on a different day.

Some wiser people ask if we celebrate Christmas in China. I tell them Christian do, other people don't. They seem a bit surprised.

And I talked with some JW members, who told me that they don't celebrate Christmas at all. Because jesus death is more important than birth.

At christmas, Santa seems more real than Jesus, and christmas is so close to New Year, actually it has become part of New Near celebration. So those people ask when is Chinese Christmas, actually they ask when is Chinese New Year.

But I have met one person who was very surprised to hear that Chinese New Year is actually different with Western New Near, because he think New Year should be universal.
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