I thought my flesh is too tough for winter bugs

Everybody around me catches cold, I thought I am too old, and my flesh are too tough for virus and bacteria to feed on. But they got me today, My head aches and nose running.

It's new year's eve, and I have to work in this 'bloody Chinese', to cover the shift of the local girl, who is now drinking and partying with family and friends.

My wife have been coughing for the whole winter, and daughter got high temperature last week, one night her brain was so hot, everything in side her brain seems mixed up and in confusion. She shot up from the bed and told me she wanna run her own farm, 'piggy's jumping on its bum, and giraffe's eating my hair.' She said, and looked very happy, and sound very excited.

I wonder who is the master of this planet? Rats or bacteria? It is on the news that over one million people caught the winter vomiting bugs, actually human are under the rule of virus and bacteria; and there is a saying, "you are never six feet away from rat." Although many species are distinct, human being have never been the masters who regard themselves they are.
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