Always Let themselves add salt

A man stopped me on the road and wanted to buy a cigarette. I just lighted one up and took a puff, so I gave it to him, saying, "if you don't mind, you may have it."

He took my cigarette, and we walked along. I told him I was gong to work at the Chinese take away, he told me he knew it just around the corner. And he stays not far from there. Being asked if he like Chinese food, he said, "Too salty, mate, Chinese take away are too salty. I cook at home, my wife also cook, but I love to cook, you know, so I knew how to meet different people's tastes, some people like salty, but other not. I let themselves add the salt. You can put in salt, but you can't take it out, you know, so always let themselves add salt."

He was drunk, but he seemed to be a wise man. When we separated at the cross road, he shook hand with me and introduced himself as Jim Clark. After he cross the road, he turned to me and shouted, "Remember always let themselves put in the salt!"
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