Happy Halloween!

Christmas party dresses  and wrapping papers are now displayed on shelves where the Halloween dresses had been in the early morning on 1st November, everything has been "cleared out last night", the shop assistant told me.

"It is quick! " I said to the shop assistant, "where are those gone? In the bin?"

In an Indian shop, I saw some costumes scattered on the corner, and asked the shop assistant if he could sell them on discount, "I wanna buy one for next Halloween," I said. He promised me 'good price'. I found one that I thought my daughter might like, but he wouldn't sell it at half price. An old man whispered to his pal with a mysterious smile on his face, "These stuff should be taken away!" Halloween dresses displayed on the 1st November bring bad luck? I am not superstitious, but do felt spooky.

I went to ASDA, many people passed by those Halloween dresses, felt very sorry for those beautiful dresses on sale at 'up to half price'. They might be regret to buy it last night at £10, now it's only £5.
My daughter said, she went to church today, everyone has to, because "it's All Saints Day', she had to walk and stand all day, because in the afternoon her teacher made everyone of P4 to help P1 in their ICT class. so she had to stand beside a dummy who could only nod or shake her head. "Did she lose her tongue?" she asked, because her teacher always says that to her mates who slow to speak.

She will have Halloween party tonight, and will have a competition on most scariest and creative costume. But she said to her friend that she wouldn't go, because she don't have a Halloween dress, and believed she had to 'create' it by herself. I promised her this morning I will find one cheap, then she can go to the party. "But is that a lie? I told my friend I wouldn't go."  "That's not a lie, you only change your plan. Telling a lie is not telling truth or fact in the past or present, not in the future. And you didn't make a promise, or vow that you may not break in the future."

"What is a vow?"she asked.

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