Christmas Tree Decoration Themes

Beautiful Christmas Trees in Govan Cross shopping centre. We can see two major themes for the tree decorations -- Red Theme and Blue Theme. The Red Theme gives you a warm feeling, and the Blue or Green theme gives you cool feeling, of course both give you the festival atmosphere.
Red theme with Green Base
This tree is decorated with red bulbs and red butterflies (or flowers?), shining with yellow lights, and spotted with snowflakes which is not pure white, so they may match the other colours.
Red theme with Red Base
 This tree has same decoration theme with the first one, but on a Red Base, which enhanced the red theme of the tree, but it seems a bit too strong to match the green tree.
This tree is the same as the first, but the picture was taken from a different angle, it's green base seems not quite match with the background.
Green Theme on a Green Base
This is Green Theme tree on a Green base,  it looks nice. You may notice the base is higher than the others, I don't know why.

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