May I take your order?

When my Chinese Takeaway boss was looking for his iPhone charger, he came across this magnetic fridge picture, and asked, "What does this say?"
I look at it, and read it loud:

"All my years of education boil down to this ...' May I take your order?"

"Wow," I said, "It is specially made for me. This must be a highly educated person jolted down on an restaurant order slip when he or she was waiting for the customer to make an order."

This was the second shock so far since I started working in this takeaway. One customer, who was drunk that night, said to me or might be to himself, "the best of your past is the worst of your future." I check its meaning on the internet, some says this is a good wish, but to me it seems to say that the advantage of my past has become an obstacle to my progress today, and my best part of the past has now been my worst and useless, I have to find a new way of life.

When Buzz of Toy Story found out that he actually was a toy, and couldn't fly, he exclaimed in desperation: "Years of academic training are wasted!" Then he realized to be HIMSELF, to live a life of child's toy was actually the real and happy life.

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