It's a Level 30 bear!

I usually tell Brenda a bed time story when we are in bed and just before falling sleep. I was tired the other day. When Brenda asked for a story, I said 'I've told so many stories to you, now it's your turn. Tell me something.'

'Okay, then', she thought for a while and told me a bear hunt story.

It originated from the nursery rhyme:

Going on a bear hunt.

Going to catch a big one.

I'm not afraid.

Look, what's up ahead?


Can't go over it.

Can't go under it.

Can't go around it.

Gotta go through it.

Going on a Bear Hunt

Going to catch a big one.

I'm not afraid

Look, what's up ahead?

Ohh it's a dark cave

I can't see anything

I can feel something

I can hear something

Oh it's a bear

RUN!(Reverse all motions quickly to get home.)

She made some interesting changes to the story. She was hunting bears with all her friends at the nursery. She finger-counted her bear hunt team: Alisa, Mason, Tori Lee, Abi, Miya ... and when she saw the bear, she exclaimed

'Oh, it's a bear. It's Level 30! RUN!'

This is clearly from the World of Warcraft game. She likes to watch me play the game and is always trying to help. Playing as a Tauren hunter, I tamed a tiger as my pet. Sometimes Brenda reminds me

'Mummy, you need feed your cat. She's not happy!'

'Mummy, don't sell all the meat. Save some for your pet!'

and she watches all beasts I encountered, compares their level with mine, and decides whether I shall attack or run away.

Occasionally, she gets nervous and asks me to 'go back to the road' or 'go to the save place'. She cheers when my Tauren hunter levelled up or killed a difficult enemy; she cries when he died and became ghost.

After she ran quickly to get home from her bear hunting adventure, I asked her 'What's your level then?'

'I'm Level 4. When I grow up, I will be Level 30 too!'

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