Where to Shop in Derby


Sainsburys, a much larger supermarket and more expensive (but more choice) in the Westfield Centre in the centre of town

Farm Foods, on Albert Street near HSBC Bank, selling frozen foods, bread and cheap drinks

Indoor Market, in the Guildhall opposite the Assembly Rooms, selling lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, clothes and other goods.


Wilkinsons, just outside the Westfield Centre on London Road, for cheap household items such as kitchen equipment and bedding plus much more

Argos, (next to Wilkinsons) also for cheap household items and jewellery and much more – choose from the catalogue in the store, pay for your items at the pay desk and wait for your items at the customer collection desk

Matalan, also close to Wilkinsons and Argos, for cheap clothes, jewellery and household items. You need to register as a customer (which is free) and you will be given a Matalan card to use on future visits.

Primark, on the Cornmarket for cheap clothes and shoes


There are people from many cultures living in Derby and there are many international food shops and restaurants in the city centre.

On Normanton Road, just outside the centre, you will also find shops and restaurants serving food and selling goods from India, Pakistan, the Caribbean, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

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