Children in Need:Wear something spotty

This is a very good business idea, and generous of course! An insurance broker promises to double any amount of money from the fund-raising event. A colouring competition is also an easy one, every child in the primary school would love to do it. Here is the news letter:

'Wear something spotty' and a fantastic competition!

Children In Need Day takes place on Friday 19th November 2010, Children are invited to wear something spotty to school in support of this day. We ask for a minimum donation of 50p to the Children In Need fund if children would like to wear non-uniform.

Swintons Insurance Brokers of Derby have kindly offered to double any amount of money collected by the pupils of Primary School for Children In Need.

Swintons are also organising a colouring competition for the charity. A winner will be chosen from each of the schools taking part. Prizes will be donated by Swintons Insurance Brokers.

If your child would like to enter the competition, they will need to bring a picture to school, reflecting what Children In Need Day is all about. The picture should be no more than A4 size and be the child's own work. Each picture should be sent to school with a £1 entrance fee. The closing date for entries is Thursday 12th November. The child's name, age and school should be written on the back of the picture. Please do not include a home address or telephone number.

Swintons will collect the pictures on Monday 15th November and display these in their Chaddesden Branch until the judging on Children In Need Day. Winners will be informed shortly thereafter.

The official logo of Children in Needs is a yellow bear with a red spotted bandage which was designed by Joanna Ball, a BBC graphics designer, who named originally brown cuddly mascot Pudsey after the West Yorkshire town where she was born.

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