The tests of knowledge about life in the United Kingdom

Start to read  Life in the United Kingdom, a journey to Citizenship, the official publication valid for tests taken from 2007, by Home Office.

The tests of knowledge about life in the United Kingdom was brought in during 2005 for people who want to become British Citizens.

From 2 April 2007, people who apply for permanent settlement in the United Kingdom - which must be obtained before someone can apply for citizenship - have to pass the same test. A person who qualifies for settlement (permanent residence or 'indefinite leave to remain') will not need to go through the same process again if he/she later decides to apply for British citizenship.

The applicants can have one of two ways to show their knowledge of the English language and of life in the United Kingdom: a special ESQL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course, or the new Life in the UK test, which consists of 24 questions. The Life in the UK Test will be taken in English and requires an understanding of the English Language at ESQL entriy 3 level. I know some Chinese asylum seekers who are working in restaurants or Chinese takeaways, seems to me they  are almost impossible to pass an ESQL level 3 test, they just have no time to learn, they spend their times in the kitchen, or in bookies when one day off work.

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