Some Interesting Facts of the Population of United Kingdom

A census is a count of the whole population. It also collects statistics on topics such as age, place of birth, occupation, ethnicity, housing, health, and marital status. A census of the population in UK has been taken every 10 years since 1801, except during the second World War. The next census will be in 2011. The census information remains confidential and anonymous; it can only be released to the public after 100 years!

In 2005 the population of the united Kingdom was just under 60 million people, nearly 84% of the total population lives in England. The UK now has an ageing population, for instance, there are more people over 60 than children under 16, and there is also a record number of people aged 85 and over.

People of Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Black Caribbean, Black African, Bangladeshi and mixed ethnic descent make up 8.3% of the UK population. About half the members of these communities were born in the United Kingdom. About 0.2 million Chinese people make up 0.4% of UK population.

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