School closed by the heavy snow

[With icy weather gripping Derbyshire, many schools are closed.]

Dear parents,

We have received reports throughout today informing us that the weather is deteriorating throughout both the city and county. It is my priority to keep the school open whenever possible. However, as some of our teachers live a considerable distance from the school it may not be possible for them to travel to work safely due to the weather conditions in their area.
I have asked staff to contact me, if they are unable to get to work, by 7:00 am each morning during this period of bad weather. This will enable me to find out early if we have enough teachers to open school. If the decision is made to close school I will inform both RAM FM and Radio Derby and ask them to broadcast a closure announcement. Please can you listen to the radio each morning this week to avoid you making an unnecessary journey to school? Hopefully we will not be as affected as surrounding areas and there will not be a problem.
Several parents have commented that some areas around school have not been gritted. Our caretaker used 12.25 kilo bags of grit on the main pathways and drive on Monday. This has considerably depleted our stock. We promptly ordered further supplies and we have been assured that they will be in school today. However, most companies we contacted are struggling to meet demand and we will have to take our turn. Until further notice please enter the school building using the safest and clearest route. As soon as supplies arrive in school we will broaden the vareas to cover playgrounds and car parks. Please bear with us.
I can assure you that every effort will be made to keep the school open during this period of bad weather.

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