More School Closures

[Gateway Newsletter, more warnings of school closures.]

School closures are extremely rare and are only undertaken if we have insufficient staff to maintain the safety of the children; or if we have a systems failure such as a gas leak or a boiler breakdown.

We will always notify parents of a school closure via both RAM FM and BBC Radio Derby. Although we inform the radio stations as soon as the decision to close is made, it can take them some time to place this on their websites and to broadcast this live.

In cases of heavy snowfall please tune in to RAM FM (102.8FM) or BBC Radio Derby (104.5FM) and continue to listen up to the time that you would normally set off for school. Their live broadcasts and website are constantly updated. Parents accessing details of school closures via the internet should refresh the page to get the latest screen, every time you view.

The web addresses of both RAM FM and Radio Derby are:

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